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The ceremony is the emotional component of any wedding celebration.  Supporting a unified design style gives the whole event more solemnity. Additional accessories enhance the effect and allow you to give the celebration the necessary pomposity. These include: drapery with fabric, textiles as well as rose petals covering the walkway.

Bridal Bouquets

An elaborate bouquet of the bride is a key element of a wedding celebration. It serves to highlight the bride's individuality, her character and unique charm of her appearance. Flowers are a symbol of love, beauty, tenderness and emotional bond. That’s why we take the task of creating a special bouquet for each bride very seriously.

Table Centerpieces

The great thing about table arrangements is that they look simply incredible and enhance the elegance of plain tables and tablecloths. Table arrangements will  showcase the tables with a welcoming and inviting feel.

Wedding Selections: Wedding Bouquets
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